Solo Line Dance mit Qualität & Spaß!




 Montag 22.07. Freitag 26.07. 
1 I Close My Eyes 1American Kids
2Golden Wedding Ring 2To Rome 
3Homesick Heart3Out Dancing
4Lonely Drum4Dirty Little Secret 
5Habibi - Wiederholung5Homesick Heart
6American Kids6Bomshel Stomp
7Cards on the Table7Habibi - neu
8Lonely Lovers - Kurzwiederholung8Bethlehem Child
9Bomshel Stomp9Cherry Bomb 
10Nancy Mulligan10Zjozzys Funk - Wiederholung
11Power Over Me11Get Dat
12Cherry Bomb12Codigo
13Coastin13One Hundred 
15Codigo15Dig Your Heels
16Gypsy Queen 16Damn!!!!!
17One Hundred17Habibi
18J'adore18Just A Phase - Wiederholung
19Chasing Down A Good Time19Run Me Like A River
20I've Been Waiting For You20Get Wild
 Donnerstag 25.07.211 - 2 - 3 - 4 
1Beyond Beautiful22My Angel and Me
2Nothing But You23Angel & Corona
3Power Over Me 24Nothing But You 
4Taps25Power Over Me
5My Angel and Me26Cold Feet
6Get Wild - Wiederholung27Ticket To The Blues!
7Love Is Loud28I've Been Waiting For You
8Just A Phase - Kurzwiederholung29Brokenhearted
9Graffiti 30Lonely Lovers
10The Yellow And Green31Beyond Beautiful
11Cherry Bomb - Kurzwiederholung32Tennessee Waltz Suprise
12Simply The Best33Trust Me
13Cold Feet34Shout Shout
14Galantis35His Only Need
15His Only Need36J'adore
16J'adore37Simply The Best
17Celtic Duo38Lay Low
18Capital Letters   
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