Solo Line Dance mit Qualität & Spaß!




 Montag 14.10. Freitag 18.10.
1Black Coffee1Homesick Heart
2I Close My Eyes 2Lonely Blues 
31-2-3-43Bonaparte's Retreat
4Bonaparte's Retreat4Lookout
5Champagne Promise5Playboys - Wiederholung
6Gone West - Wiederholung6My Angel and Me
7Homesick Heart7Taps
8Playboys Pause
 Pause8Legend - Kurzwiederholung
9Codigo9Oh Me Oh My Oh
10Tennessee Waltz Surprise10Rock Paper Scisser
11Thank You 11Nothing But You 
12Shot of Tequila12Waves Of Love
13Trust Me13Adventure 45 
14A Double Whiskey14Remember You Young
15Cherry Bomb15Human After All 
16Brokenhearted Pause
17J'adore16The Flute
18Gypsy Queen 17Act Like A Man! - Kurzwiederholung
19Habibi18Nancy Mulligan
20I've Been Waiting For You19My Middle Name - Kurzwiederholung
 Donnerstag 17.10. / 18 Uhr bis 21 Uhr ab. 19:30 Uhr 
2Waves of Love21Hit The Floor
3J'adore22Cherry Bomb 
4Echame La Culpa23Beautiful Wonderful 
5Say It Again 24Gone West - Wiederholung
6Twist & Turns Pause
7My Angel and Me25Get Wild
8Save the Day26Angel & Corona
9Wandering Hearts27Just A Phase
10Hope - Wiederholung28Shot of Tequila 
 Pause29Make Way
11Bonaparte's Retreat30Codigo
13Blaze of Glory32Sweet Hurt
14All I Need to Know33Cold Feet
15Habibi34Old And Grey
16Soul Shake - Wiederholung Bring Down The House
17Shot of Tequila Before
18Floor It - Kurzwiederholung Beyond Beautiful
19Get Dat  
20Remember You Young   
21Run Me Like A River  
22It's Your Moves  
23Get Wild   
24Just A Phase  
25The Thing About You   
28Cherry Bomb  
32Bethlehem Child   
 Beyond Beautiful