Solo Line Dance mit Qualität & Spaß!



 Montag 19.10. Freitag 23.10.
1Take Me Home 1Gypsy Queen
2Begin To Swing 2American Kids
3Pick up your Phone 3Alter Ego 
4Dance Monkey4Cooler Than Cool
5Love You Cha5Bomshel Stomp
6Soak Up The Sun6Breaking Rules 
7Imelda's Way7Love Like A Symphony 
8Codigo810.000 More
9Miss Congeniality9With These Eyes 
10Crystal Touch Pause
11Another Saturday Night10Red Is The Rose 
12I Close My Eyes 11Pick Her Up 
 Pause12Beautiful Madness
13Celtic Duo13Sweet Attraction 
14Needs & Wants14Stomp Down
15Wrong Direction15Darling, That's The Truth!
16Beautiful Madness 16Red Is The Rose 
17What A Man Gotta Do   Pause / Teil 2 ab 19 Uhr
18Wave on Wave17Crystal Touch
19Never Gonna Grow Up!18Cold Feet
20Story19Make Way
21Trust Me ab 19:30 Uhr 
 Donnerstag 22.10.20Champagne Promise
1I've Been Waiting For You21Run Me Like A River
2Soul Shake 22Gone West 
3Beautiful Madness23My Middle Name
4Do Si Do (Doh-see-doh) 24Turning Tables
5Red Is The Rose25TikTok Love 
6Tik Tok Love Pause
7Love Like A Symphony26Thinkin’ Bout You 
8Pick Her Up 27Get Wild
9Do What I Do28Wintergreen 
 Pause29Home To Donegal 
10Shady30Never Gonna Grow Up!
11Hardy31Girl Crush
12The Greatest Love Of All 32Graffiti Baby / Graffiti
13Cooler Than Cool 33Echame La Culpa 
14Run Me Like A River34Soak Up The Sun 
15Shot of Tequila35Chasing Down A Good Time
17Power Over Me   
18The Flute  
19Corn Don't Grow  
20Take Me To The River