Solo Line Dance mit Qualität & Spaß!




 Montag 18.03. Freitag 22.03.
1Black Coffee1Bomshel Stomp
2 I Close My Eyes 2Gypsy Queen
3Down On Your Uppers3Waves Of Love
4Whiskey Bridges4Ex's und Oh's
5Something in the Water5Thank You 
6Tag On6Dirty Little Secret 
7Thank You 7Oh Me Oh My Oh
8Everything To Us8Corn Don't Grow
9Emergency9Bomshel Stomp
10J'adore10Bethlehem Child
11Gypsy Queen 11One Hundred 
12Ex's And Oh's12Capital Letters
13Cards on the Table13His Only Need
14Wave on Wave14Born To Love 
15Best Friend 15Where We ve Been
16One Hundred16Trust Me
18Like A Fine Wine18The Thing About You 
19A Double Whiskey19Love Is Loud
20Celtic Duo20It's Your Moves
21Story21Pull You Through
 Donnerstag 21.03.222 Lane Highway 
1Cold Feet23Lonely Drum 
2Dirty Little Secret 24Anywhere
3Take Me To The River25 I Close My Eyes 
4Blaze of Glory26Beautiful Wonderful 
5Second Time Around27Like A Fine Wine
7Oh Me Oh My Oh29A Double Whiskey 
8Love Is Loud30Echame La Culpa 
9Kiss of Heaven31Everything To Us
10Beyond Beautiful32Damn!!!!!
11It's Your Moves33J'adore
12Damn! 34Havana Ooh-Na-Na  
13Dig Your Heels35Ticket To The Blues!
14Waves of Love36Dizzy
15Meet Me There 37Stilbaai Charleston
16Graffiti 38Say It Again 
17Groovy Love  
18Pull You Through  
 Wandering Hearts  
 The Yellow And Green